Sunday, September 11, 2011

Energy saving BMW hybrid cars

The dual power cars are the magnificent invention of the current century. Yes, I am talking about BMW hybrid cars. These cars are famous all over the world due to unique characteristic which differ them from the traditional cars. Dual power means that these cars get power from gasoline and electric power at a time. This feature has made the hybrid cars more fashionable. People want some change in their conventional life but also afraid of expenses. Hybrid car is in shape for both the reasons. The use of electric power made it energy saving and environmental friendly.
BMW hybrid cars are available in tow types. In first type the car is able to run depending totally on the electric power and the use of gasoline oil is needed only for the starting and initially moving forward. The second type is mild hybrid which needs both gasoline and electric power to move forward. If you want to run your car above 25 mph, the gasoline will required running in both the types but full hybrid cars can run depending only on electric power below this speed and are more energy saving. Both these types are further categorized in parallel and series power system. In parallel system car can be operated with both the powers at a time but in series you can convert from gasoline to battery and vs.
While designing and manufacturing the BMW hybrid cars some additional features are added which made it effective for running on electric power. For example, conversion of motor into generator for recharging of battery on deceleration or break preserves energy produced by deceleration. Frame work is made with strong but light in weight material to ease the engine from extra weight of body. Latest aerodynamic features are considered while designing the hybrid car. These features are helpful to minimize the energy consumption while moving forward.


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