Sunday, September 11, 2011

BMW sportbike Vs competitors

BMW sportbike is as fashionable in the sports field as sports cars. Its elegant appearance and powerful engine made it superior on the European motorcycle manufacturers. Competitors like KTM are insistently looking to become on top in the market. If we take a look in the market trend the BMW bike is always on the top and market sale is almost greater than any other sports bike. Starting from 1970 the company has introduced several bike models in the field of sports and remains the hero of the history. Every new model brought new features with it and become choice amongst the motorcyclist. The BMW bikes including GS adventure touring motor cycles such as R1200GS, F800Gs and G650Gs are known as the top level touring motor bike all over the world. The sports bikes including R1200R street motorcycle are also the top motorcycles in the said field. You can estimate the popularity of the BMW sportbike by the attractiveness of the prominent and top level motorcycles of BMW.
If we look in the early history of BMW, we will see that the company decided to enter in the motorcycle and other vehicles manufacturing business when it was forcefully order to abandon the aircraft industry after the First World War when Germany signed the treaty of Versailles. At that time the first motor bike which was launch by BMW that was the 486ccR32. This first model of BMW bikes was introduced in the years 1923. Though BMW bike gain the hugely popularity since the time of manufacturing first bike but BMW sportbike become the most popular in the field of racing and touring in early 70ees. Since 70ees, the BMW bike is known as winning bike for the sports as well as touring. Current market value of BMW bike is also fabulous and heart catching. I recommend to tourists and sportsmen the BMW bike.
All the information which I have mentioned about BMW motorbike is as per best of my knowledge and there may be some variation in the facts. For more information you can visit the official website of BMW or Wikipedia.


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