Sunday, September 11, 2011

BMW of America-symbol of quality

BMW of America is organization of BMW cars clubs and based on the BMW car fans and owners of the automobiles. Numbers of active members of this organization has exceeded 75,000. This large strength is only US citizen who are struggling to extend the organization worldwide. The object of the organization is to arrange worldwide contests, automobile driving events and racing. Main purpose of BMW of America is to market BMW vehicles worldwide and to introduce the latest models and modification in previous models. The maintenance, repair work and car owner education seminar are held time to time for building the confidence of customers in the company.
Organization is also responsible for the reports and analysis about the popularity and sale value of BMW vehicles. Focusing on the world market where opportunity of marketing BMW vehicles can be achieved is also the aim of organization. Recently US Company has decided to introduce diesel engine vehicles in European markets where the tendency of diesel vehicle is encouraging. People want to buy luxury cars with diesel engine. Moreover diesel engines are environmental friendly in the European countries. On the other side in USA gas guzzling engines are gaining popularity. BMW of America introducing gas engines in USA markets which are known as energy saving and will help to decrease the import of oils.
BMW has also introduced hybrid cars with dual power. These cars are electric motor operated as well as oil engine. This invention made a revolution in the vehicle industry and tendency for these cars in on peek. In USA where the government and industries are struggling for energy saving techniques, the invention of electric cars seems to be the successful step. Environmental friendly and cheap vehicle production is the traditional style of BMW. Company is also famous in the production of sports cars and sports bike and BMW vehicles are known as the symbol of success in sports field. M8 car remained top level for several years in racing competitions.


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